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Welcome to vanam yoga !

As our body is supported(made) by many organs, our studio is supported(made) by unique yogies with different elements.Under(with) the same will, we are together here vanam yoga. We have found we can do anything easier, faster, better, than doing alone.In this world, everything is connected, nothing is on it’s own.

Vanam means "Forest" in Sanskrit.  A beautiful forest is made of individual modest trees.Vanam started when four trees from different places were discussing about yoga.

What we have here is our best for now. It might grow more as we move on. We are very happy if you can join our forest VANAM!


Yoga classes (Except prenatal yoga)

Drop-in/ \ 2000

Tickets   5Tickets / \ 8000 ( Valid 2month)   10Tickets/ \15000 (Valid 5month)


Prenatal yoga

Drop-in/ \ 2000       10Classes/ \ 15000


Kid`s yoga

Drop-in/ \1000    5Tickets/ \5000


We can bring our classes to your office.  Per person/\1500


Private class

You can set a private class on your required day and time. Let us know informations, such as preferred instructor, date , time, and number of participants.

(Prices for per person)

1 person/\6000  2 people/\9000  3 people/\11000  4 people/\12000  5 people/\15000



【If you want to join a class with your children】We welcome children to the normal class only if he/she could follow the class as an independent participant. Unfortunately we might ask you to leave the class when it seemed other people are disturbed. We recommend you to join our Kid’s yoga class or family yoga class when you are with your children.


・Mats available free of charge/ You can also bring your own mat.

・Please arrive 10~15 minutes before the class starts.

・We have a small changing space.



Hatha yoga; Basic yoga class open to everyone. All-levels are welcome including beginners.


Beginner yoga: Class for beginners. All-levels are welcome.


Relax yoga:Class to relax your body and mind with gentle and easy yoga poses.


Sivananda: Designed with 12 basic poses, starting with mantra and pranayama.


Kid`s yoga: Class for kids. Having fun thorough yoga poses lead to obtain balanced mind.


Prenatal yoga: Class for pregnant women. Helping to relax your mind through the class as well as preparing your body for the birth of your baby.


Postpartum Yoga/Yoga after child birth: Join our class with your baby. You can change your baby's diaper when it’s needed, and please just hug your baby when he/she starts to cry. .

Practice Pranayama to calm your mind, and gentle athana to bring back your body power after child birth. Let mothers relax as well as babies. You can attend the class 4weeks after birth. (6weeks if it was caesarean birth)

We recommend you to have doctor's approval for the attendance. Class is designed for a mothers with babies of up to 1years old.

(What to bring: Water, a towel for baby to lie down, toys for your baby, relaxed outfit)


Yoga for elderly people: Gentle and easy stretch is the main part of the class. We hope this class works as a place where neighbors can communicate together here.

(If you have any health concern, please ask for your doctor's approval.)


Family yoga: Every first Saturday of each month. Join us with your family!



Yoga Nidra: Yoga Nidra is Yogic sleeping. Beautiful time with amazing experences. Taking Shavasana, closing your eyes, going to the state between awaking and sleeping state, sending your awareness to your hole body, imaging beautiful scenery, you will get deep relaxation and purification in youy body and mind. It will take away your stress, emotions that you don't need any more softly.  With one hour Yoga Nidra, you can get the same effects as 3or4hours sleeping. Ideal for all  people, meditative people, and especially for those who have tough stress.


Japanese traditional massage with finger pressure: Erika will just listen to your body and


Schedule is updated every 2weeks. (The schedule 2weeks ahead from today may be changed.)

We close the booking 90 minutes before the class.

Please make reservation. (vanamyoga001@gmail.com)




    6-10-5 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo  1F Toudai-mae kyoushitsu

    ・6minutes walk form Kasuga station(Mita line)
    ・8minutes walk form Toudaimae station(Nanboku line)
    ・10minutes walk from Hongou sanchome station(Oedo line)